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Reflect the World with Photography and Record the Images in History

The curious and explore desire to the unknown is the power of human development, is also nature of human. The technology and unpredictability of traditional photography has brought great interest to a photographer to create. The emergence of digital photography technology is also not an accident. It is the electronics technology, photographic technology, communication technology development to a certain stage of product. With long-term development, from traditional to digital, photography has become important ways to record life, history and express personal emotions of the photographer. With the development of The Times, science and technology, digital photography will become more and more significantly reflects its creativity and vitality. Photo reading age today, people's reading habits and living habits are changing greatly. Photography also has infinite possibilities to be met.

On the basis of the three sessions of China international digital photography art exhibition(CIDPAE), we are delighted to see the 4th China International Digital Photography Art Exhibition display in front of everyone. With six months of collect, contribute and judge, this session of exhibition keeps the number of previous works, the author number and number of participating countries. The entries are more mature and keep improving.

This session of exhibition continue to get the patronage of the Photographic Society of America (PSA). I will also show my sincerely appreciation to all the judges and staff's for their hard work and effort. Thanks to all the entrants for their always support and congratulations to all winners!

President of CIDPAE Organizing Committee Wang Peiquan

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